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Saturday, Apr. 30, 2005 at 7:45 PM

My birthday is tomorrow and I'm having a party tonight at Third Street, the bar on the corner. I was having pre-party anxiety (what if no one comes, what if no one actually likes me) so I took measures to make myself feel better. I got dressed. The entire outfit is based around this, and it always puts me into a fantastic mood when I put it on. This will be the first time I wear it outside the comfort of my apartment, too.

Ladies, (you ladies, not my ladies) this thing fucking works. It hoists you into a totally different place than normal without any padding whatsoever, and the thing is damn comfortable!

I wish I had called around earlier in the week to see who was coming or not, but I'm always weird about advertising parties for myself. Like, I don't want to guilt people into coming to my party when they don't want to, even though rationally I know that they do want to!

Ah, well. Here's to my boobs and washing away my neuroses with vodka!!

I'm listening to my Top 25 Most Played tracks. This is my favorite feature on iTunes!
I'm reading Lucky Magazine.
I want a lot of people to come tonight!

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